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EU tournament is over written by GreEn'mArine, 2008-12-12 22:57 CET (3 comments)

Today the grand final was finally played.

Kojak was able to win after 5 maps.

The 1on1 newcomer verteidiger showed an impressive show by winning the first bo3 2-0

verteidiger 30 - 21 KojaK

Final Rage:
verteidiger 25 - 19 KojaK

Second BO3:
verteidiger 14 - 5 KojaK

Final Rage:
verteidiger 16 - 18 KojaK

verteidiger 6 - 22 KojaK

Well played!

Final standings:
1st: KojaK
2nd: verteidiger
3rd: dIM
4th: GreEn`mArine
5th/6th: Lo/waldi
7th/8th: morfar/kyre

Thanks a lot for the participation.

Up next: grand final! written by GreEn'mArine, 2008-11-16 22:37 CET (11 comments)

Today the consolation final was played! verteidiger was able to win against dIM in an exciting game (maps: 2-0).

Grand final will be Kojak vs verteidiger

Match is still due to be scheduled. Stay tuned.

Up next: consolation final written by GreEn'mArine, 2008-10-29 23:52 CET (5 comments)

Today the WB and LB finals were played. verteidiger showed a strong performance vs GreEn`mArine, and so did KojaK who won in a convincing 2:0 game against dIM. You can find the exact scores on the brackets page.

You can download a copy of the audio stream here [apario.org] !

This means that the next game will be the consolation final in which verteidiger will face dIM. No exact date is scheduled yet. It is very well possible that tChr and GreEn`mArine will be providing an audio commentary again.
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